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Phone: 630 393-1247

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Never played an instrument?

Make music a part of your life. You'll find our instructors extraordinarily friendly and encouraging!

Study an instrument and you'll enjoy making your own music for years to come!

We offer Private Instruction in:

Start Anytime
Lessons are tailored to suit your needs and schedule.

Flexibility of scheduling is one benefit of studying with a private instructor. You and your instructor will decide when and how often to meet for a lessons. Even with a busy schedule, there's time for music lessons at the Folk-Lore Center.

Private Lesson Rates 

30 Minutes  $16

45 Minutes $24

60 Minutes $32

Save on Lessons by buying a block of four

Block of Four Lessons  

30 Minutes  $60

45 Minutes $90

60 Minutes $120

Payment and Cancellations

Lessons must be paid for at the time of each lesson.

Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance or the student will be charged.

Students taking Monday lessons must call to cancel no later than 5:00 pm on the Saturday before the lesson.